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Why a Lighthouse?

A Guide !
I am an advisor who works to keep you off "the financial rocks". One who helps you preserve your resources from unpredictable "financial storms". People who allow me to help them know they have spent a lifetime accumulating assets that provide security and flexibiblity for their reitrement years. They do not want to squander their savings. They have spent a lifetime building a legacy and desire to leave that legacy for their loved ones. They want to protect what they have from unnecessary loss.

Those who are speculators and gamblers - I cannot help ! Those looking for "quick riches" - keep seeking "your pot of gold" and chasing that rainbow with some other "advisor". I am not a storyteller who fills your head with unrealistic probabliities.

Those who are prudent, thoughtful and balanced - I can help ! I will help you incorporate the appropriate tools that help you manage and preserve your "Lifetime Earned Resources". The tools you choose will benefit both you and your loved ones.

If you are in the second group, allow me to guide you to "Your Safe Harbor"

About Larry Johnson

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL in 1948. I received my Undergraduate from John Brown University. I have a BS in Building Construction and Design. I Graduated Central Michigan University in 1978 and received my MBA. I was an Architectural Drafstman and Field Representative 1970-1971, helping draft the Vermont State Penitentiary. I served in the US Airforce 1971-1991. For ten years I was a B52 crew member. I was a Staff officer at Headquarters Strategic Air Command, serving four years.

I have been an insurance agent since 1991 and an Independent agent since 2005. During all this time i focused on senior insurance products. I married my college sweetheart in 1969. We have six children: four girls and two boys. I am also a proud grandfather of eight.

My objective is to help people preserve their legacy