Retirement Savings

Lifetime Income Stream

How would you feel if your savings DID NOT last as long as you had hoped ?

What if your savings “tanked 30% - 50%” like 2008 and you needed income during the same time ?

Would you “sleep better” knowing you were guaranteed INCOME FOR LIFE ?

The most important question is: What do YOU want YOUR savings to do for you ?

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Safe Harbor Savings

Are your savings for future use by you, your spouse, your heirs or a charity ? Do you want to maximize those resources without “worrying” about economic and/or stock market fluctuations ?

Most “client focused” advisors recommend shifting from growth strategies to safety strategies during retirement. The emphasis changes from portfolio growth (higher commissions) to savings stability for the client

The companies and plans I offer DO guarantee your principle plus interest earned from ANY economic or stock market down turn. They offer steady safe growth and not “potential high returns".  READ MORE >>