Medicare Supplements

Medigap Supplement Insurance


  • Must be eligible for Part A and enrolled in Part B of Medicare
  • Must continue to pay Part B monthly premium
  • You can not have both a Medigap and a MAPD plan simultaneously

Medicare 10 Standardized Plans

These plans offer nationwide coverage with any provider who accepts Medicare

A Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) is not offered by any Medigap plan. A stand-alone PDP plan should be purchased to avoid a Medicare lifetime (Part D) penalty.

Medigap plans are approved state wide vs specific service areas. Policies are available in 10 standardized benefit plans, identified by certain letters between A and N. Companies are not required to sell all 10 plans, those they sell meet the Medicare standardized requirements. During initial eligibility for Medicare insurance, these policies must be guaranteed to be issued. (Regardless of pre-existing conditions)

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